To celebrate International Women’s Day, UPS founder Abney to address one-on-one town hall

UPS CEO to visit Ohio State University today to discuss new UPS policy on data breaches and voting rights

To coincide with the International Women’s Day of 2019, and the launch of the Global Partnership for Vaccines and Immunisation (GPVI), UPS Chairman and CEO, David Abney, will hold a town hall meeting with UPS employees and community leaders to discuss a new UPS policy regarding data security and human rights. To further engage an audience of 100s of local leaders, UPS is hosting this event at the Ohio State University Public Policy Research Center.

The one-on-one meeting with the mayor of Columbus, the mayor of Cincinnati, chief executive officers of local hospitals, a student who is an advocate for accessibility issues and a federal prosecutor will highlight the practical and supportive messages of UPS corporate leadership to local stakeholders. Over the last two years, UPS has worked closely with its stakeholders to build and build on the changes in its global workforce, while the company has also gained a key reputation as a global leader in the race to close the health gap.

The the GAVI Alliance, an international organization of governments and pharmaceutical companies committed to saving one million lives through vaccines to combat measles, mumps, rubella and other deadly diseases. UPS is a founding member of the alliance. UPS also serves as a longtime donor to the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization and recently announced the creation of the United Way of Greater Columbus Fund of UPS Glimmers a global microfinance group focused on better health and reducing global inequities.

In the 2016-2017 school year, UPS’s investments and investments by employees supported over 172,000 students with school supplies, 3,000 graduating high school seniors, 125,000 new Walmart customers and 100,000 GoFundMe donors. These initiatives aid in closing the health gap in America.

Also, as a modern company, UPS also seeks to work with those, including municipalities, communities and partners, with whom we work every day to address the many facets of policy challenges and human rights.

Additional events include:

Training on digital inclusion and transparency around corporate diversity initiatives, a recent Walmart® foundation announcement.

Panel about the importance of data security in today’s global economy.

Talent workshop focused on digital inclusion and technology.

Research event to discuss digital strategies related to customer engagement, gender diversity and digital inclusion.

The Walmart foundation is dedicated to corporate diversity and inclusion and recently committed to transforming the culture of the company. The foundation will also work with the Walmart board on efforts to achieve its goal of closing the gender wage gap by 2020.

Read more about UPS’s digital and ethical initiatives.

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