De-slimmed Canadian soccer star sports ‘Bayern Manning Project’ bod in revealing new photos

After undergoing a massive physical transformation, Alphonso Davies has finally released some photos of the darker side of his sports form. Called the “Bayern Manning Project,” the series of NFT photos showcases the 6-foot-1 Canadian soccer star flexing his muscles after the exertion. He is pictured in a pair of skintight swimwear with the lyrics “watch out, you’re gonna die” in caps.

“I’m a bodybuilder,” said Davies. “I like going to the gym. I like eating the right stuff. Like when I’m going to the gym, I’m real hungry. You can tell that I eat a lot. Then I post it on social media — but it’s for everybody to see.”

Davies’ weight loss has led to a huge personal transformation in the game, as well. He said he played with a 10-pound weight on his leg before playing his first professional match, and is now up to 128 pounds. He is set to play his first match for Bayern this weekend, on his second birthday.

He said he’s also now playing at a more confident level. “Before, I played a little afraid,” he said. “Now, I go out there and I’m not scared. I’m just playing my game. I’m not thinking too much. I’m free.”

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