What happens to US visitors as shutdown stretches into second week

SALT LAKE CITY — As the United States completes its second week under a government shutdown, tourists who visited the United States before and during the shutdown will still have their visas granted, according to the Department of State.

There are exceptions, however. For those who have already visited the United States, border agents can stop them and check their dates of travel back to the U.S. If they do not show up within 24 hours, the agents can keep the visitor in the country.

For those who have already been issued visas during the shutdown, those currently in the United States who are in the process of getting their U.S. visas can return to the country using the same passport that they used when they entered the country during the previous trip.

Here’s what officials from the Department of State said, as of Tuesday afternoon:

DEPARTMENT OF STATE: The agency is continuing to issue visas to those who have been authorized to do so. Foreign visitors who were here before the shutdown started will still be given visas, but the government may not be able to process visa applications by those who have already been issued visas during the government shutdown.

USING YOUR PASSPORT AND TRAVEL LISTS: Those who have already been issued visas at US destinations that are on the Department of State website and with their travel plans, including Marriott Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, TRIP hotels, and La Quinta hotels, can continue to use their documents as long as they showed up for those appointments and have returned to the United States during the government shutdown.

WEATHER REFUSAL: US citizens planning trips to any country affected by the government shutdown should not subject themselves to getting a negative rating for risk of withholding of services. The US government has not imposed a direct ban on travel to non-US destinations and US citizens should not alter or cancel current plans.

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