Uber Eats brings pot to Canada by way of food delivery

After inking deals with 26 more Canadian provinces in the summer, Uber Eats announced on Tuesday that orders in the first legal pot market in the world, the province of Ontario, would be delivered through its food-delivery platform.

The new service will enable people to order weed online, and the day supply to be delivered by drivers, according to The Globe and Mail. Customers who live in municipalities that have legalized the drug will also receive $20 off the order.

Uber said that it would comply with the law, stating that it will have staffers “chaperoning” and monitoring deliveries in compliance with provincial regulation, just like it does with alcohol. The service will start out by selling dried bud, or shatter, and cannabis oils.

“Anyone who’s used our app will know it’s going to be the most fun you’ve ever had ordering food,” said Uber spokesman Ryan Heath. “We look forward to breaking new ground and bringing cannabis delivery to the table.”

In addition to the convenience offered by the service, Heath said, Uber’s workforce of “cannabis ready” drivers, “will already be wearing their uniform every day and ready to deliver.”

Last year, Uber Group announced a $5 million partnership with cannabis research and development company Oline as well as plans to explore adding “cannabis-friendly” employment to its Canadian operations.

Marijuana sales are scheduled to begin in Ontario on July 1.

Read the full story at The Globe and Mail.


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