This week’s look inside…T Salon, Brooklyn and Bama Roo Grill.

Whew! It’s been a hectic last week, with all kinds of break out events. We heard from Singapore Park Refugees (a new organization dedicated to helping youth return to their homes) and Andrea Chalouhi, who got to work as a teacher in Nepal for a week. We heard from Clare Fogelman, a singer/songwriter from the D.C. area who came home to perform. Katie Goodin came back from a vacation in Portugal and will be playing a special concert on Saturday, June 23, at Subterranean. Our readers were glued to the waters of Ocean Beach in Belmont, New York, as more than 2,000 people took to the water to hear the live music. Plus, we enjoyed a post-Valentine’s Day brunch with The Millionurder, the new band from Austin. Time to party! We got a special visit from Rosamund Hambleton and her pen pals!

Tell us in the comments what you would like to see us feature. We’re ready for you!

1. Carly McKie, the adorable everyday girl who makes a piece of origami for every reader who sent a song. Have you serenaded your readers? Let us know!

2. Your conference call (with eight people over Skype) as Susan Shapiro Barash weighs in on her new book, The Official Feminista Guide to Aging.

3. Colleen Griffith and Kate Schapir’s fascinating piece on Star Gate, which interprets Halo’s melancholic sensibility as a genre-spanning expression of a creeping melancholia that’s infiltrating all aspects of modern society and artistically traversing the pathologically online.

4. Laura Bailey on Commode Dreams, which explores the secret society of doormen, former firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers who specialize in beating down up toilet-related crimes, like assaults and leaks.

5. Donna Callaghan on Alissa Traverso’s idea to use lottery ticket numbers as a variation on a numerical formula, in the hopes of building an entirely new mathematical language.

6. Live music: Zana Glass, Katie Goodin, Alison Scelska, Clare Fogelman. Kat Hopps, JT Groom. Our only disappointment was that Rescued Chicken seems to have skipped out on live streaming.

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