This is the first country in Africa to limit access to unvaccinated children

Kenya, where, in October, a boy died of measles after not receiving the necessary doses of the MMR vaccine, has decided to limit access to unvaccinated children.

The health ministry has launched an immunization campaign beginning on July 6 that would require all children between six months and five years to be immunized and administered with a booster shot before entering pre-school or primary school, according to Reuters.

“Priority will be given to highly vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children who are not fully immunized, women giving birth and children up to five years old. Children between six and 12 months will be the priority for vaccinations and follow-up visits,” a statement from the ministry said.

Officials say the campaign — which will involve the Ministry of Health, health officers and nurses in every state — will be the largest ever conducted in Kenya.

Kenya is currently ranked 37th out of 37 on the Global Vaccine Index, a ranking based on vaccination coverage and other indicators.

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