The U.S. has discovered thousands of migrants hiding in trucks and vans as they pass through Mexico

Migrants walk towards the U.S. border during their attempt to cross to the United States at the Agua Zarca border fence on October 7, 2018 in Tijuana, Mexico. The migrants hope to seek asylum in the United States but President Donald Trump has declared that they are not entering the country legally and he has ordered the military and border patrol to detain and turn them away. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Mexican officials have seized 600 migrants found stashed in trailers in Veracruz, according to news reports. The migrants, from Honduras, will be arrested when they get to the city’s border, according to Andres Rodriguez, the head of the federal police in Veracruz. The migrants allegedly hid themselves in the vans because they didn’t want to pay to cross the Veracruz-Tijuana border in a caravan.

“We worked with the federal police and the immigration bureau to find these (trailers) and a public prosecutor is interrogating the people found,” Rodriguez told reporters, according to The Associated Press.

Up until this point, the migrants arriving in Mexico remain mostly secret, with only a trickle of photos being shared with media outlets. However, on Sunday, men had to set up a community center on the outskirts of Tijuana to serve as a migrant shelter for families who are waiting to cross. In an interview with ABC News, Juan Carlos Román Sanchez, who was smuggling the migrants through Mexico with three other smugglers, explained the conditions of traveling, saying it is a “difficult journey” filled with “lots of danger and danger.”

—With reporting by Ariel Vazquez.

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