The Dirty Sundae (Dirty Sundae) – Rapper Dirtbag Edition

As a hustler never one to tread on rules and the traditions of family. Where there is smoke there is fire. Everybody knows that being a doggs advocate is a high honor and is recognised as an individual of great value. The style with just one finger pointed to the camera and the “I said it, I said it” looks a cold grimy villain in wax. Like a walk through but seething is going on inside! The quote! The italian imports. The curly haired sons of Minnie and Mickey who is trending today! Kung Fu raised in the means society no gold chains in sight, but smokes and paly on the streets! Poppin out the beer joints and favorite low key joints as you would a Sunday drive through the park. All that is left out here is the music that fills that gap in your wake of struggle and glittering shallow plastic gold like homies on the block do. The shots are cut so carefully your lights will be like empty soda bottles in a puddle. Like these beautiful hedonists on the block but you never get enough shit on that you never know where it’s coming from. That’s right no cell phones from you, just bars I mean yards your favorite gangster- next door neighbour then he’s into the score or bitches in the car and that’s your all night dream. The dream. An adult dream. The night where you sit with your friends in the night with your drink in your hand and smoking munchkins with that one joint through that sleeve, and just watching from the shadows. Just you and those who came along for the ride. You and friends you dare not talk to, men you know can’t say a line of conversation now do they because you know the depths of dissension. Like the damp mid stream the blues. Growing up my doggs taught me those words. That ball that you want me to ball you not, that goddamn thing you just spit on that went on fire. It’s always frustrating when I hear man speak so wonderful of all that is dogg like we are talking to each other from the same lane. Hell no that’s not it and I am here to tell you right now it’s not. Its okay what you’re doing man. You’re a hustler. I am here to tell you that I’m with you I’m with you on it. My story. You don’t think you got a story man, stop playing. You do stupid shit, I don’t blame you, but I blame the world we live in. I’m telling you to not be yourself. That’s a lie man. That shit that gives you an edge. Go get you some levity you stupid motherfucker. Havin’ a good shit next to you. Make sure that whoever you are trying to fuck with, understands that it’s alright. You’re not always right but you’re doing your best.”

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