Sudan retakes key sites after military coup

BBC Sudan

The Sudanese army has taken over from the national security forces at key sites around the country, as tensions mount in the aftermath of a military coup in January.

On Tuesday, the government told the United Nations to evacuate staff from two of its humanitarian sites because of fears of attacks.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese authorities ordered the suspension of three international organisations, including the Red Cross.

Here’s what has happened and what is expected.


This is the aftermath of the crackdown on dissent:

The government-run weekly al-Ittihad al-Rai said its editor, Ahmed al-Baghdadi, had been taken from his house in the capital, Khartoum, where he had been reporting on the assassination of a journalist.

This is the armoured police vehicle the Sudanese military moved in on Tuesday afternoon in Khartoum.

Amnesty International has called on the Sudanese authorities to explain their “drastic” crackdown after the latest developments and to allow all journalists to report freely.


The authorities have ordered the suspension of three international organisations, including the International Red Cross, according to Sudanese news website Atalaya.

It says one of the three has already closed its office and evacuated its staff to Darfur.

This is the Associated Press photographer waiting to be shown back to his car in Khartoum on Tuesday. He was briefly detained by government forces near the interior ministry earlier in the day.

This is the picture of the armoured police vehicle that took over the main street of Khartoum’s old town on Tuesday.

Its coverage of the country’s political unrest since the beginning of this year has been harrowing.

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