Sandra Bullock promises to remake ‘The Matrix’ and make it way scarier than Keanu Reeves’ version

When Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves first met on the set of Speed back in 1995, they formed a nearly instant and seemingly soul-sharing friendship. It was that sort of relationship that was upended, though, when he won an Oscar for The Matrix and she was nominated for the movie 21 Grams, for which she eventually won an Oscar of her own. (Reeves took home a Golden Globe for his work.) So understandably he might be suspicious about a new script they’re reportedly collaborating on together, but in the Hollywood Reporter’s latest cover story she responds to her Matrix and Point Break co-star’s dismay by hailing her own plan for a Death Wish remake: “I thought it was my turn.”

She’s referring to his 1989 revenge flick, in which Reeves plays a hitman who pledges revenge against the innocent innocents who caused his wife and son’s murder, followed by an endless cycle of revenge and assassinations of the innocent, and, of course, a vicious showdown between the two. In her description of the idea to revive the classic movie, Bullock emphasized her desire to tell a story about a group of people that live in modern times, so that it would offer a “scarier look at the seemingly faraway” but aren’t actually that far away. So perhaps we should ignore the reports of a 2020 production, as Reeves might take some time to digest his original recollections of the movie.


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