Paul Rudd didn’t disappoint with a long Facebook Live chat on his ideas for ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’

After fans of the Marvel comic have been waiting decades for a breakthrough in this movie scene, where Agent Phil Coulson discovers that his older self has been replaced by his teenage doppelganger, actor Paul Rudd finally addressed fans’ question, issuing a long Facebook Live chat and sending a tweet encouraging them to send him suggestions.

But since the video was uploaded at the end of April and showed nothing more than a little comedy that every Marvel movie has, many became disappointed, even though fans kept requesting that he play the younger version of his character in next month’s Ant-Man and the Wasp.

“I’m a professional actor,” he said in the video, at first smiling, before adding, “I’m just so excited for you to know it, too.”

And perhaps unsurprisingly, many fans continued to suggest that they would love to see the actor return to the role of his childhood sweetheart, and keep him youthful as he grows older.

Little by little, each one received advice, and when one asked how he manages to keep his shape in the middle of the night, he joked, “Don’t go to bed at night — don’t count to 10. It’s the six and you’ll wake up.”

He asked users who had recently aged how they kept up their youthful looks and then joked, “No, well, maybe I should try the same thing.”

“Come on, it’s 2019! I’ve tried everything,” he said, adding, “I’m getting good results now.”

Rudd shared his secrets for long hair, but there’s another part of his face that he recommends taking care of. “I always look back and think that the skin looks a little sallow on my cheeks. And I think it’s because I wasn’t vitamin A-ing myself up through the years — now I’m getting some!”

But his secret to staying young all the time doesn’t involve drinking orange juice all day or taking the same drugs that his Marvel friends use, instead he said “Drink loads of grog — it’s life!”

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