Michael Cohen’s house arrest ends Monday, including travel restrictions

By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s house arrest will end at midnight on Monday, leaving him free to report to his new home in New York.

Cohen’s lawyer Guy Petrillo confirmed to CNN that the agreement had expired and Cohen had complied with all requirements. He didn’t specify which aspects of the arrangement had expired, but it was widely reported that Cohen would have been free to travel as he pleased without restrictions during a 60-day period.

“He’s happy to be going to New York City,” Petrillo said.

Cohen — who pleaded guilty to a number of charges last month, including a pair of campaign finance violations as part of the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election — was given house arrest as part of his guilty plea after prosecutors say he lied to Congress. But as part of the agreement, there were restrictions on when he could leave home.

His wife, her sister and children are subject to the travel restriction, as are witnesses and potential witnesses in Cohen’s case, prosecutors said in a court filing on February 6.

US District Judge William Pauley confirmed the deal on Friday and said it included no restrictions on the outside activities Cohen can engage in.

“The plea agreement is being carried out but this does not mean that he can go and about his business,” Pauley said at the hearing.

“I would like to make it clear that I have not said he can be involved in any activity outside of his residence and work place but, and this is important, I have not said that he can go and do anything outside of his business, his family, or his work place.”

Petrillo previously told CNN that Cohen intended to “aggressively” pursue opportunities outside the Department of Justice since the charges against him were leveled and that any possible work he might have conducted in New York had yet to be decided.

CNN previously reported that Cohen’s legal team hoped to build a case for release on bail, citing a close friend of Cohen’s.

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