‘I’m So Humble’ singer Mickey Guyton welcomes baby boy

Mickey Guyton shared the first picture of her new son, Devon, with her Instagram followers Friday night. The “I’m So Humble” singer said that Devon was discharged from the hospital just three days ago, and just two hours before her performance on the AMAs.

Guyton revealed earlier this summer that she was pregnant with her first child, announcing her pregnancy on her social media accounts with photos. She welcomed the boy into the world on Aug. 5. The artist said she planned to announce her engagement shortly after Devon’s birth. “And let’s be honest, life isn’t fair,” she wrote to her followers. “I’m even pregnant!! I was in the hospital trying to meet my son today.”

Guyton said she was taking a break from the spotlight after the birth, and at first hid her baby bump from Instagram. But after worrying fans were speculating if the conception was a publicity stunt, Guyton decided to finally make her debut by taking off a black shirt on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards earlier this year. “I want to start pumping breast milk, but for my next public event I’m not wearing a jacket,” she wrote on Instagram. “So, here’s a pic of me smiling and pretending it doesn’t hurt. The abdominal muscles don’t give a s–t anymore.”

Man soon he will be too full on to cry. 😬😬 #babyonboard (Wooo he’s so funny 😬😬) #babyonboard #1stborn 💕 #kapowatchbbop A post shared by Mickey Guyton (@mickyguyton) on Mar 9, 2018 at 10:06am PST

“Baby Boy on Board,” she wrote as her caption. “Congrats to everyone out there. Baby is doing really good. Didn’t think I was going to be able to wear a shirt this early. Wow, time flies. Wish me luck.”

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