Get started guide:

UBL Ready in 5 steps

Do you want to send your e-invoices in UBL format, to allow your customers to profit from the benefits of UBL e-invoicing? Or do you want to receive e-invoices in UBL format and automatically transfer them as booking proposals into your administrative software?Or perhaps you are a:

  • Supplier of financial, administrative, bookkeeping and or ERP solutions/software.
  • Company with a proprietary software solution for sending/processing e-invoices.
  • Service provider in the field of e-invoicing, AP automation, e-procurement, order to cash or purchase to pay
  • Consultant/Person with a common interest in UBL

Then this Get Started Guide is for you. Or download it here in PDF.


STAP 0: Good to know –user experiences to take into account

STEP 1: Read - all the documentation at a glance for a proper implementation

STEP 2: Implement – take into account decimals, suffixes, notations and elements

STEP 3: Self-validation – test your own UBL invoice/implementation

STEP 4: Apply for UBL Ready

Step 5: Logo placement and feedback


It is advised to carefully read all the information stated here (or in PDF) before you apply for UBL Ready.