First Class seat up to 40 inches tall

Are you waiting to board a commercial airplane and looking on in envy for the financial benefits of riding first class? Well, you can look forward to it starting next year.

Boeing estimates that its new 777X long-range airplane, set to begin arriving in 2020, will include first class that’s seven feet longer and up to four inches taller.

Starting in 2025, air passengers will begin to see the first airline airplanes with full suites– allowing their passengers to sit back and relax.

“Boeing expects to see cabin length of 7 feet 4 inches with cabin height of 38 inches becoming the standard by 2025,” a Boeing spokesperson told “This suggests that commercial aircraft will have twice the passenger capacity and have increased the cabin width by half, by extending seats until a proposed level is reached.”

The two largest containers in FedEx’s fleet are double-deckerers, according to ABC News. Although seats are typically split in two, the pilots and shift workers on those planes use both spaces at the same time.

It is these flights– in which an airplane moves through the sky carrying hundreds of passengers at the same time– that Boeing sees as the route to ticketing business class.

“These aren’t just sleeper cabins. They are suites that offer a more fully configured experience from the operating console, with lie-flat beds, penthouses and private coffee bars and bars. They offer direct business-class seating, premium products such as gourmet food options, beverages and entertainment, as well as ergonomic arm rests and leg rests,” a Boeing spokesperson said.

These plans are still in their early phases, but it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Airlines have been experimenting with different variations of first class for several years now. In 2010, Delta Air Lines announced that their new plane would include a private unit in which you’d be able to sleep, shower and shop onboard.

Several major airlines also currently have lower class or premium class seats so you can lie down and watch a movie while your pilot sleeps in another stall.

However, according to the Boeing, “all business class seats across a wide variety of global markets will offer lie-flat seats and lie-flat high-speed lie-flat toilet and lavatory access with sliding glass doors.”

And if that doesn’t work out? Boeing also says that passengers will be able to utilize personalized entertainment, and “personal adjustable seat cushion.”

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