Davido, rapper who canceled last year’s concert at Nationals Park, cut charity deal with DJ

Davido, the Nigerian pop star whose fiery concert at Nationals Park last year attracted attention far beyond the city limits, said Wednesday he will give $600,000 to charity after he was forced to slash his fees by 20 percent due to unpaid concert promotion costs.

“On Wednesday I put out a tweet on Twitter. My prayer was that everybody would at least think about making a donation to the less privileged in their communities,” Davido told the BBC in a phone interview. “The city of Georgetown saved me, thank you a million for doing that. Thank you to Emmanuel Adebowale.”

Adebowale is the owner of the Georgetown club, The Red Room, which first had scheduled the show. Adebowale had pleaded with Davido to play at the venue, and said he offered the pop star nearly $1 million dollars to make the concert happen. Adebowale told the British Broadcasting Corp. that the proposed fee cut roughly $250,000 from his take and that he feared giving up the performance would put him at a disadvantage with other promoters.

“I also hope and pray that someone would like to show interest for the next concert,” Davido told the BBC.

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