The benefits for the customer of

Processing UBL invoices

In general 99% of the companies consist of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), of which on average 60% are freelancers and single contractors. For most of them e-mail and PDF are the preferred tools for invoicing. Regardless whether their customers are consumers, businesses or public bodies.

This is also reflected in that ‘PDF by e-mail’-e-invoicing is supported by 99% of the mainstream accounting/bookkeeping solutions (sometimes as part of an ERP system).

However, a PDF invoice is only cost efficient to the sender -the supplier-; mainly in terms of envelope, print and postage savings. On the other hand, the recipient of a PDF invoice – the customer or its accountant- still has to perform manual processing. And this is where UBL e-invoicing is most beneficial.

Benefits of UBL E-invoices for the receiver:
  • Automatic booking proposal: >70% time savings per invoice
  • Flawless data conversion and processing
  • Automatic adding/editing supplier data
  • All the benefits of regular accounts payable automation
  • Free to use: no extra fee
  • Discover more about these benefits (PDF)

Sending UBL e-invoices, without the hassle

Benefits for the supplier

  • No extra effort or fee to enable UBL in your financial software
  • Getting paid faster thanks to easy and flawless processing
  • Competitive edge: help your customers save money
  • Enjoy all the benefits of e-invoicing
  • Comply with tax regulations
  • Download and read about these benefits in more detail (PDF)
Example: Help your customers save money

Suppose, your organisation decides to send its 100.000 monthly e-invoices in both UBL and PDF format. 50% of your customers can immediately process UBL invoices in their bookkeeping software. This easily saves your customer 4 minutes of work per invoice.

This way, you as a supplier create a cost saving of 6 man-years for your customer base… just by ticking a box. This advantage reflects on you: your company is a partner to your customers.


UBL: a stable, future proof choice

UBL stands for Universal Business Language and in many countries, including the EU, it is believed to be the prime candidate for the next step in e-invoicing.

UBL is not the only standard in e-business. In fact, UBL is globally one of 80 standards used to exchange invoices, purchase orders and other business related documents.

There are six mean reasons why UBL is a stable, future proof successor of paper, OCR and PDF e-invoicing.

The six benefits of UBL as a standard for e-invoicing:
  • 1. UBL is a ISO/IEC standard
  • 2. One global standard, with backwards compatibility
  • 3. Europe has selected UBL to develop a core EU e-invoice
  • 4. More and more companies and financial software providers implement UBL
  • 5. You comply with fiscal requirements
  • 6. Loyalty free usage
  • Discover the details about these benefits (PDF)

The certainties and benefits of

UBL Ready

UBL Ready is a not for profit initiative to promote UBL e-invoicing by ‘approved’ accounting software, e-invoice service providers, conversion partners, public bodies, and so on. The primary goals of UBL Ready are (1) to support organisations to implement UBL e-invoicing and (2) to communicate their ‘UBL readiness’ to their customers and /or suppliers, using the ‘UBL Ready’ label.

UBL Ready wants to let free, flawless and easy exchange and processing of e-invoices become a reality.

UBL Ready basic principles:
  • Independent and not for profit
  • ISO/IEC standard: 19845:2015
  • Channel / infrastructure neutrality
  • Validation of UBL invoice files
  • Dozens of UBL+PDF demo files available
  • UBL Ready label to promote your readiness
  • Preparation for the new UBL-EU core e-invoice
  • Discover the details about these benefits (PDF)