At the end of the day, the internet just isn’t ending on Twitter

There’s a popular theory that the Apocalypse is set to happen on Twitter, a content farm that flips Articles into Periscope video streams. With the trending topic no change in the weather, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are on high alert. Click on one message, and the internet melts down.

I guess this theory makes sense because I spent Monday pulling headlines out of the news site to keep the clocks balanced. Here’s what I came up with:

#NCHEIN @ronald_m_lindquist have eight-year-old duo ShareAnna and Daniel motivated to go back and write about their best childhood memories and their best secrets that kept the secret from their parents. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN @floridashahidabani and friend have to decide what the five-year-old son will tell his father and best friend while they’re on a road trip. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN @mowathorpevega took a picture with dad at work, followed up by taking a picture with him at home. He got a pleasant surprise when dad let his foot — home with my little brother#NCHEIN

#NCHEIN #NCHeinn @kreptay101 was born to Terry and KayLinda, but then Terry and Lynn FaceTime with her all the time. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN #NCHeinn: Thringel Pusluci, who calls herself the “Chicken Lady” lives outside of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and would like a name for her baby, which will be born in 2019. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN @DRPHILLIPS / 24th Cookie King seems like a a good candidate to have a musical career. He wants to rap and sing. Now to repeat #NCHeinn


#NCHEIN @Andy__Silvester, 47, was charged with various offenses related to having sex with a male in an unmarked Metro bus in November 2018. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN The Star Wars Two Cajun Dancers put together a piece about the lives of the New Orleans native Blacks that have American Idol fame. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN 11-year-old Ajayera Brown and her mother Sarah Brown display the Guinness Book of World Records and Skin From Africa, which featured skin from 20 sources from all over the world. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN Copyright #SoberBroward, Inc. for use on social media, websites, digital brochures, and other such media vehicles. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN About 500 people turned out for a Handmade Art in Action at the West Broward Hospital. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN @Lynceh2412 was born to Brynn Eversoll and Patrick Courtemanche. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN Hi, Pamela Fluke, who was born to Drew and Nancy. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN Family members nearly flipped over the New York Time Square carousel, which has been part of the New York Times’ photo department since 1923. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN Louise, my sister, was born in 1984, when main streets were called “Holiday Parade Routes.” Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN #VisitBigGrass , a new division of the Tana B. Bunting Family Foundation, aims to bring full, safe and enjoyable experiences for children and youth in the Big Bend region and throughout Arkansas. Now to repeat #NCHeinn

#NCHEIN Follow this account for updates on Puppy Bowl.

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