Armed suspects get away with thousands of dollars worth of goods after high-speed burglary at Seattle-area Nordstrom

A dozen armed suspects armed with crowbars and metal rods set up a raid on a Nordstrom store in Washington state on Sunday night, according to police. Using the crowbars, they ransacked the window and part of the roof of the store in Monroe, which is about eight miles north of Seattle. About 80 masked men and women, some carrying assault rifles, breached the entrance of the store and made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of goods, the Seattle Times reported. The armed suspects only left the building when an armed security guard shot and arrested one of them.

Nordstrom employees said some of the suspects may have been prostitutes, according to the Seattle Times. The robbery is the latest example of attempted or actual robberies at stores in the Seattle area, most recently last week, when a group of armed robbers attempted to raid an Arby’s, and an unarmed employee intervened. Police say they are still investigating Sunday’s robbery, but the Seattle Times reports that most of the merchandise was not left behind.

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