Andrew Thomas, Giants offensive tackle, has been #RiskyPlay of the Week

Andrew Thomas, the starting left tackle for the New York Giants, has moved quickly through the league’s rookie draft class this season, but his career got off to a shaky start with a disappointing preseason. While Thomas was only playing at the end of a string of backups for the Giants, he still wanted to make a splash. According to report by The News, Thomas knew a touchdown was on the way to him and practiced his celebration with some serious emotion after he was done.

Thomas and the Giants have held off a massive amount of injuries over the course of the season, and they are currently in playoff contention in the NFC after beating the division rival Eagles on Sunday. Thomas, 21, entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent from SMU, and is currently one of three NFL offensive tackles from Texas, according to The News. Thomas has spent much of his time on the active roster with the Giants, and it appears that the Giants are trying to ride out injuries by giving youngsters like Thomas opportunities to contribute.

Thomas certainly deserves to gain a little notoriety for his participation in the Giants’ rare running the ball for touchdowns this season. If Thomas doesn’t have one last standout moment in his career, he can certainly find a place as a best-guess player for the future hall of fame.

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