A state of cyber hygiene has emerged as part of the government’s ‘CoVID-19’ fight

Three weeks ago, in the middle of the Beast Wars debate over that infamous Blackberry-based video, I wrote about one of the more compelling concepts to emerge out of the fight over whether Edward Snowden could lawfully destroy his own computer equipment, and in particular, how this debate may affect the growing state of what is known as “cyber hygiene.”

On Tuesday, we learned that the government has released its recommendations on how federal health officials should work to mitigate risks of exposure to the deadly virus called CoVID-19. The guideline focuses on teaching doctors, parents and children how to avoid diseases by minimizing the exposure of people who are at potential risk, primarily through regular immunization schedules and by supporting regular hand washing and other prevention efforts.

All of this is something that one can expect to see from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, because it is exactly what they’ve been doing. Even more important, it will likely cause them to do a huge amount of pro-active work.

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