6 famous names who could be ‘in the know’ about 2020

Among the many uncertainties of Donald Trump’s presidency, the most likely one is whether he will actually end up being impeached. The number of days left to him still has a way to go, but it’s not as if we can rule it out entirely. While the odds of Trump’s impeachment—at least outside of the best guesses by political consultants—are getting longer with each passing day, history isn’t exactly kind to presidential doomsayers. It’s true that presidents only get impeached when they run out of time. And while a Democratic House could get more ambitious than President Barack Obama’s a little faster than Republican George W. Bush, it’s still not quite as fair as a bookie betting on the outcome of Tiger Woods’ next round.

Still, it’s never too early to begin preparing for the possibility of a Democrat in the White House. Of course, all it would take is a single anecdote—like one from George Stephanopoulos that George Clooney has seen his name pop up on a bookie site—and you know what happens.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some famous folks who have already given birth in 2021, whether for the real or fictional reasons you want to follow along.

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